Eton escorts – don’t call me your baby girl

I met some rally nice gents here at Eton escorts, and I actually prefer dating senior gents. First of all they are much more polite and number two, they are more fun to spend time with as well. I find that a lot of younger gents are not that nice, and on top of that, I think that many of them are a bit too cheeky. They have a habit of calling you baby girl and stuff like that, and I don’t think that is nice at all. Perhaps they think it is okay, but I don’t really agree with them on that point.


my darling dating eton babe

When I first started to date at Eton escorts, I mainly dated senior gents who were resident here in Eton. A lot of that has changed now, and we date younger gents who may work in London but live in Eton. They have a totally different attitude towards life. It could be that the young Berkshire polo set as I call it are just like that, but I am not sure. I do meet some young guys from Eton who don’t work in London and they seem to be totally different. The other girls here at our Eton escort service say the same thing.

Some of the younger gents that I date have been dating London girls before they found Eton escorts. It could be that they have picked up certain habits and ways of expressing themselves that are used in London. Most of the girls down here would probably not tolerate to be called things like baby girl and some of the other silly things that they come out with. Are we more sophisticated in Eton? I am honestly beginning to think that we are, and the local guys may want to remember that.

Overall, I think that the gents who date Eton escorts have a lot more respect for their sexy companions. It could be that this is just the Berkshire way, or it could be my own romantic notion. When I started my escort career, I first worked in North London for a while, and I think that most of the gents that I met up with there had a different attitude. They expected us be these amazing sex kittens for them to play with all of the time. Yes, I am sexy, but it is nice to be thought of as a person as well.

Do I like dating at Eton escorts? Yes, I much prefer dating with Eton escort services here in Berkshire, but I don’t like being called baby. It would be so nice if the gents would call me darling instead. That is a much better term of endearment if you like, and I think it makes you feel better. I am happy to be anyone’s darling, but I am not happy to be your baby girl. Why you think that you can call me I don’t know, but I would much rather you called me darling. At the end of the day, I would never dream of calling any of my gents baby boy, or speak to them in a derogatory way at all. Why should they be allowed to do it to me?

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