Is waxing bad for the skin?

The problem of hair removal on different parts of the body has always been, and will be a relevant issue. Ladies of all ages will say in one voice that the most beautiful what a woman has is a smooth skin, and girls form Harrow Escorts would agree. How many ways and means were created to remove an unwanted hair, which we are endowed by nature? How much time and money we have spent, ladies, on this service during the whole life?


As Harrow Escorts tell us, waxing has its roots deep in the bowels of history, when men ruled the Pharaohs and their lovely wives, devoted their spare time exclusively to restoring the beauty and splendor. It is known that Nefertiti herself used some viscous oil as hair removal. This oily composition is applied to areas of the body in a thin plate, an even layer of smeared, and then peeled off after curing with hairs. Currently cosmetology progressed much further. The basis of this method of hair removal is a warm wax. The same technology is applied to specific areas of the body, and after cooling, paper strips are torn off.


After one of the girls from Harrow Escorts tried out this type of hair removal, detailed pros and cons of this method could be seen, which each girl or woman must know in order to make her decision.



  1. According to girls from Harrow Escorts, unlike other types of hair removal, waxing provides the long-term effect.
  2. When using wax hair removal, the hair is pulled out at the root, so that subsequently reverses longer.
  3. As a general rule, the effect of hair removal treatments using wax hair removal lasts for at least 2-3 weeks.
  4. The obvious advantage of waxing is its affordable price.


Now, how does the procedure of hair removal with wax take place? Lola from Harrow Escorts explains, that waxing can be of two types: solid (hot wax) and soft (warm wax). Solid wax is used on the basis of pine tar or petroleum products, so that the mass is not splashed and is not too sticky. Vegetable or lemon oil is included in its composition. Hot wax is applied on a body at a temperature of 38-42 C in the direction of hair growth. The skin is warmed up during the procedure, the pores open, and is removed fairly easily. Thanks to rubber additives, wax repeats the relief of the skin, so it is available in such “difficult” areas like underarms and bikini area.



  1. Waxing is a painful procedure and not everyone can tolerate it.
  2. There are a number of contraindications for waxing, for certain groups of individuals. Namely – diabetes, pronounced varicose veins and the presence of sores on the skin, severe forms of hypertension and coronary heart disease, acute forms of herpes, infectious diseases.
  3. When waxing, it is dangerous to touch the large moles or warts on the skin, although they are not a direct contraindication.

4. There may be “ingrown” hairs. Therefore, when doing a constant waxing, watch very carefully; it is recommended to use scrub the skin at least once every 4 days, which is what Anabel from Harrow Escorts does.

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